How to download videos

Method 1: Use the three letters "son" to download videos.

  1. Insert the letters "son" before "youtube" in the URL of the video you want to convert;
  2. Press "Enter" button in your keyboard;
  3. In the download page, click on "Download MP3" button;
  4. Your download will start shortly.

Method 2: Copy the video URL and paste it into the download field in the homepage.

  1. Copy the video URL that you want to download;
  2. Go to page and paste the URL in the field and click the convert button;
  3. In the download page, click on "Download MP3" button;
  4. Your download will start shortly.

*: In French and Spanish, the noun "son" means sound (from Latin sonus).

Using the software iTunes

  1. Launch the iTunes software. If you don't have iTunes, you can download it from the iTunes website.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer using the USB sync cable. The iTunes software will recognize the device and list the device in the left pane of the iTunes interface.
  3. Select iPhone in the left pane. Once iPhone is selected, the iTunes software will be ready to sync your music and enable other options as it pertains to the device itself.
  4. Select the Summary and Music tabs in the main window to configure your audio sync settings. In Summary, you can select "Manually Manage Music and Videos." Or if you prefer to allow iTunes to automatically sync tracks added to the iTunes Library to your iPhone, select the Music tab and select "Sync Music."
  5. Create a new playlist to add your songs to. Go to your File menu at the top of the interface, and select New Playlist. Your new playlist will be added underneath your iPhone device in the left pane. To name your playlist, click on the words "untitled playlist" and use your Backspace or Del key to remove the text and then type in your preferred playlist name.
  6. Select the playlist that you want to add your mp3 files to. This will open up the playlist (and any contents) into the main window in the iTunes interface.
  7. Drag the downloaded mp3 files from your computer and drop them into the playlist window. The mp3 files will automatically sync to the iPhone.


What is SonYouTube ?

SonYoutube allows you to quickly and easily download your favorite music from YouTube for personnal use. You can choose to save the file as an MP3 or other formats like OGG and AAC (for iPhone, iPad, or smartphones, etc.).

Where can I find my downloads ?

After you finish downloading your file, you can find it in the folder specified by your browser, (e.g. C:\Users\(User Name)\Downloads). To find the said folder, click on the Start button in the lower left corner of your screen. Click on your user name. A Windows Explorer window will open, which will display your Downloads folder.

Is SonYouTube really 100% free ?

Absolutely! You can use SonYouTube without restrictions. Downloading documentaries, music, and even SonYouTube itself is completely free and will stay that way !

How can I download Youtube videos ?

You can paste the video URL directly in the input field you find on "" home page and then click the orange convert button. For more details and more download methods, kindly check the How to download section.

I can not download the videos and the loading takes too long ?

If you face any problems while downloading, please try to refresh the page and try again. If the problem still presists, don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you.

Is using SonYouTube completely safe for me ?

SonYouTube is programmed by us, tested regularly, and protected by high-end security techniques. Your visit on SonYouTube is guaranteed to be safe and anyting you download from our site is free of malware, adware, or viruses !

Is SonYouTube related or affiliated with YouTube ?

SonYouTube is a 3rd party service that is NOT endorsed, affliated or related to Youtube or Google Inc.

Is it legal to use SonYouTube ?

Yes, it is legal to use SonYouTube as long as SonYouTube can access music or video files that are available to the public on video platforms, and as long as you don't use it for commercial purposes.
You can freely download music from YouTube and listen to it wherever you are unless you’re going to distribute or sell it. If you are not going to sell or distribute it but only want to listen to it on your own device, in this case you have the right to do it.